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About us

About Freda, about me, about us...

Freda is located in the hearth of Slavonia – city of Osijek, where each day few carriers see the light of the day and are on their way, to an adventure called babywearing.

My name is Marina, I am graduated English teacher, creator of Freda, head of development and production inside Freda. I am also babywearing consultant, mother and a wife.With the help of my Freda team, my love, hard work, ideas, knowledge and experience are transformed into a unique first adjustable Croatia carrier (grows with your baby).Carrier can be easily adjusted, in length and in width, and can be used from its earliest age (one month) up until you and your baby are enjoying it.

You can read more about sizes, materials, as well as accessories and technical data here.

We are proud to say that our carriers have found a way into the hearths and homes of many families, not only inside Croatia, but also outside its borders.


How it all began...

    At the beginning of our parenthood we were fortunate enough to emerge inside a beautiful and to us a new and unknown world of modern babywearing. Not so long ago our grandmothers have carried their children in woven cloths, baskets and bags. Today it has improved into art and skill that is constantly improving.

    Out of love and need to carry our son Freda arose. First it was just one, unique and perfect just for us, then spontaneously an idea appear to share that feeling with other parents, and to build a career.  

In just a year Freda became well-known brand, thanks to quality and uniqueness inside babywearing world  


Our vision…

    Freda is a powerful tool that saves you when you need an extra pair of hands or simply when you want to enjoy in sweetest hug. Our desire is to spread the love for babywearing and to be part of your youngest happy childhood. In that you inspire us on a daily basis and give us incitement to be even better.

With love

Your’s Freda

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