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Freda Balloons
Freda Balloons
Freda Balloons
Freda Balloons
Freda Balloons
Freda Balloons
Freda BalloonsFreda BalloonsFreda Balloons
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Freda Balloons

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Carriers by Freda
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Freda Balloons made from cotton print fabric. High quality twill is used for waist belt, shoulder straps and inner side of the hoodie.

Freda Baby size carrier is meant for babies from first month of age up to max two years.

Adjustable panel is made in accordance with highest security standard, it grows with your baby, providing them comfort and support from the earliest age.

Weaved from high quality materials, full buckle carrier Freda, represents perfect connection between child and a carrer.  Hand-made and fully adjustable, carrier enables carrying in an ergonomic position, which helps with psychological and motor development. 

Shoulder straps are made without pressure points, which means it transfers the weight of the baby on full width of the shoulder straps, making carrying more easy and providing comfort for the carrer. Shoulder straps and waist belt can be easily adjusted for the carrer.

Broaden /shorten the panel in width using velcro on the inner side of the waist belt, providing knee-to-knee support as the baby grows. Adjust the length of the panel using fasteners.  

Freda carrier can be carried in 3 positions: Front carry (baby facing the carrer); Back carry (once the baby is able to sit unassisted); on the hip (OPTIONAL: additional side buckles needed). Side buckles also enables you to X-cross shoulder straps.

Each carrier can be custom-made


Adjustable size


No pressure points on shoulder straps

Provides safety for the baby


Simple to use

High quality materials