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Delivery Information

1. Delivery inside Croatia

Delivery is done on the entire territory of Croatia

Delivery is made using 2 options

        1.1 General Logistics Systems (further in text GLS)

Delivery is made within 24 hour inland, that is 24-72 hours when shipped to islands. All deliveries are sent from Monday to Friday during working hours. All parcels are secured in value up to 1250,00 kn per package.

GLS enables packet tracking.

Prices inside Croatia are shown in table 1.

Prices include second attempt of delivery

CategoryPrice [HRK] /Package
up to 2 kg35.00
up to 3 kg39.00
up to 5 kg41.00
up to 10 kg44.00
up to 20 kg46.00
up to 25 kg51.00
up to 30 kg56.00

Table 1.

        1.2. Postal office (Poste Restante)

In case you want to receive the package in the post office, please fill in POSTE RESTANTE within address space. This type of delivery is suitable if you are on a vacation and do not have an address where you can receive a package or if you are ordering from Bosnia and Hercegovina /Serbia /Montenegro and want to pick the packet in the post office inside Croatia post nearest to you.

For products available on our warehouse delivery time is from 1 to 3 working days after order, and begins after funds are visible. 

GLS delivers packages on your address within 24 hours.

Products that are not available on our warehouse or are custom-made will be delivered in the shortest possible time. For additional information please contact us. 

Delivery times are exclusive of: 

- force majeure

- traffic congestion

- non-working days

- national banks

Delivery times are inclusive for product on our warehouse, and begin on the day of order/ funds received (11 am) if order is defined in a clear and concise manner, without the need for further intervention. That includes correct delivery address and billing info and other attributes that can affect the delivery. If there are such circumstances delivery time begins after all necessary information is corrected.

We will consider product delivered if:

- customer has choose delivery to another address or to another person once the package has been sent

- receives package

- delivery note - GLS informs customer of the delivery or an attempt to deliver goods but cannot deliver for following reasons:

- if the customer has refused to acknowledge receipt of the package

- does not open or does not respond to door bell or phone

- wrong address

- for any other reason we have no influence on

For POSTE RESTANTE option delivery is considered finished on time at the moment of package arrival at the post office

In case customer /receiver does not picks his package, and the package returns to the seller, customer will be responsible for any expenses made to seller before attempting a second delivery. We will keep the package for up to 60 days, during that time we will calculate interest for house keeping. After 60 days we reserve the right to resell the product, and customer does not have the right for a refund. 


2. Delivery outside Croatia - inside EU

Delivery prices

Zone /HRK /package

< 2 kg

< 3 kg

> 3 kg

1. zone

76,00 kn

81,00 kn

per request

2. zone

78,00 kn

82,00 kn

per request

3. zone

120,00 kn

126,00 kn

per request

4. zone

129,00 kn

145,00 kn

per request

5. zone

165,00 kn

185,00 kn

per request

Delivery times


Country (working days - Monday - Friday)


Slovenia, Hungary (1-2), Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic (3-4)


Serbia (2-3), Poland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland (3-4), Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg (4-5)


Romania (3-4), Italy (3-5), Bulgaria, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland (5-6)


Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia (4-5), Sweden (4-6), Greece, Finland (6-7), France, Turkey (5-6)


Norway (5-7), Spain, Portugal, Republic of Cyprus, Malta (5-6), Vatican city, San Marino, Monaco (3-4), Andorra, Gibraltar (6-7)

3. Delivery outside EU

Prices vary depending on the address (city) and country of the delivery. Please contact us via email for more information.