1.What is Freda?
Freda is a brand that created hand made baby carrier and onbuhimo. Freda is fully adjustable to your little ones as well as for carrers. Baby carrier and onbuhimo are meant for babywearing from first month of age till preschool age. 

2.Is Freda hand made?
Yes, all baby carriers and onbuhimo are hand made, with extremely professional approach and commitment to each product. 

3.What does custom made Freda means ?
Custom made product are created to satisfy one's demand and are fully adjustable. One can choose fabric, color, size, extras and the rest of the details that make each Freda unique.

4.What is Semi Wrap conversion?
Semi wrap conversion SWC is a carrier that has outer parts of the carrier made from woven wrap (panel and hoodie). Such a carrier has a shoulder straps, waist belt and inner side of the hoodie made from a high quality industrial twill. Inner side of the panel is made from linen or soft thin cotton.

5.What is Half Wrap Conversion?
Half wrap conversion HWC is a carrier that has both sides of the panel, hoodie, outer parts of the shoulder straps and waist belt made from woven wrap fabric, rest of the carrier is made from industrial twill. 

6.What is Full Wrap Conversion?
Full Wrap Conversion FWC is a carrier made entirely out of woven wrap fabric.

7.Is Freda ergonomic carrier? 
Freda fully supports ergonomic position. Placing the baby inside a carrier supports legs in a M position and spine in a C shape, creating optimal position for the baby which favors physical development and does not burdens sensitive musculoskeletal system. 

8.Can Freda be carried in both front and back positions?
Baby carriers can be carried front (baby facing the carrer) and on the back once the baby sits unsupported. Onbuhimo is meant to carry solely on the back of the carrer.

9.Can Freda be carried on the hip? 
Yes. By placing optional side buckles on the panel, it supports X-crossing shoulder straps and carrying on your hip. X-Crossing shoulder straps eases closing buckles for the carrer that have a problem with reaching buckles due to a back issues.

10.What is the earliest age to use Freda carriers?
Freda carriers can be use from first month of age and at least 3.5 kg. Onbuhimo can be used once baby sits unsupported. Consult your pediatrician, health-care officer or babywearing consultant if a baby is prematurely born or have any physical problems before using this carrier.

11.What sizes Freda carrier and onbuhimo has? 
Freda Baby, Freda Toddler and Freda Preschool 

12.What is Freda baby carrier?
Freda baby size carrier is meant for babies from first month of age up to 1,5-2 years of age depending on the baby's size.

13.What is Freda Toddler carrier? 
Freda toddler size carrier is meant for babies from approximately ninth month of age up to age of four (4).  

14.What is Freda Preschool carrier?
Freda preschool size carrier is suitable for babies from approximately age of two (2) up to age of six (6). 

15.Is Freda adjustable?
Yes, Freda is fully adjustable in height and in width thus grows with your baby.

16.What materials are used for carriers?
Freda contains high quality materials which includes YKK buckles and fasteners, Klopman industrial twill and fabrics that have OEKO-TEX certificate. 

17.Why Freda? 
Freda is a synonym for happy childhood and parenting. By carrying your baby in a Freda carrier or onbuhimo means to build an unbreakable and secure connection with your little one, keeping it close to your hearth. High quality material, professionalism, competents, hand made, listening to your needs are one of the qualities that make Freda unique.  

18.What is babywearing? 
Babywearing represents carrying one's baby in different types of the carrier (woven wraps, ring slings, all sorts of buckle carriers...) as well as in Freda carriers also called soft structured carrier or Freda onbuhimo (asian type of carrier). Wearing encourages correct physical development as it gives optimal position inside a carrier.  Babyhandling on the other hand represents carrying one's baby in  hands. Babywearing has many advantages for the baby and the carrer, making parenting at the same time useful and fun. Babywearing and babyhandling do not exclude one another, but complement. 

19.Are there extras that can visually improve Freda carrier? 
You can choose from a variety of extras: 
-dino spikes – is placed along length of the hoodie imitating pointy dino head
-bunny, bear, wolf, cat ears or a bow
-removable hoodie

20.What extras can I buy? 
-Cotton Suckpads - Shoulder strap cover, keep your shoulder straps clean from chewing and drooling, made from cotton fabric and industrial twill. 
-Woven wrap Suckpads - Shoulder strap cover, keep your shoulder straps clean from chewing and drooling, made from woven wrap fabric and industrial twill
-Cotton sackpack
-Woven wrap sackpack 
-Waist band 
-Cotton fabric Hobo bag 
-Woven wrap Hobo bag
-Doll carrier
-Cotton or woven wrap made backpack 
-Baby carrier cover (coming soon) ...
-Lumbar support

21.What are advantages of carrying in Freda carrier? 
-Ergonomic position
-Supports physical development of the baby
-Helps with psychological and motor development 
-Improves process of socialization and baby's independence
-      Faster speech and learning ability 
-Develops nervous system
-Helps with child collics 
-Reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome)
-secrets oxytocin, hormone of love and happiness 
-Creates closeness between carrer and the child 
-Simple to use
-Provides breastfeeding
-Provides safety for the baby
-Does not need insertions 

22.Will I spoil my baby? 
No :-) Baby will enjoy in many advantages of the carrier full of love and closeness that it's carrer provides..

23.Can one breastfeed inside a carrier? 
Yes. When properly performed, breastfeeding becomes extremely simple and easy, providing adose of privacy.