Terms and Conditions of Business

General Terms of Use

1. General Provisions

    Carriers by Freda j.d.o.o., TvrÄ‘avica 45, 31000 TvrÄ‘avica (hereinafter: Freda) provides an interactive online service through web sites within the domain www.freda.hr. The service consists of providing information services, content management, and purchasing products that are offered through web sites. The term "web site" in these Terms of Use refers to all internet pages located within the domain www.freda.hr. These Terms of Use prescribe the terms and conditions pertaining to the usage of the web sites by customers, buyers or end users (hereinafter: End User).

    By using and accessing these web sites (except in the case of the first reading of these Terms), End Users declare that they have read and understood the Terms of Use, are familiar with it and fully comply with the terms and conditions herein and agree to use the web site in accordance with them.

    The right to use the web site is not transferable to other physical or legal entities. The End User is personally responsible for protecting the confidentiality of passwords, where they exist.

    The End User is familiar with the fact of intermittent interruptions, inaccessibility and / or exclusion of services (routine maintenance, etc.), events of force majeure and Freda does not take responsibility for any loss of data that may occur during the transfer of information on the Internet. The End User agrees and accepts that for these reasons access to the website may be interrupted, temporarily inaccessible or disabled.

    Information on this website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Freda does not declare or warrant, expressly or implicitly, that the content of the web site and / or its related pages is complete or up-to-date; that the web site and / or related pages will always be available and accessible and that this will not cause harm to users, registered users, or third parties. Each user and registered user explicitly accepts the use of this web site at his or her sole discretion and shall be solely responsible for any costs associated with the maintenance or repair of computer equipment. Any warranty given on this site applies solely to the products or services provided by Freda.

    Freda reserves the right at any time to modify or terminate the web site, including, but without limitation, the content, availability, as well as the equipment required to access or use the web site. Information may be altered without prior notice. Freda may at any time make improvements and / or changes to the products and / or programs described in this information without prior notice. If the User does not accept the Terms of Use, he / she shall refrain from using the web site.

    Freda reserves the right to revise the Terms of Use at any time as well as to terminate access to the web site without prior notice.

2. Change the Terms of Use

    Freda reserves the right at any time, if considered necessary, to terminate or modify any of the Terms of Use and / or Privacy Notice herein. Any modification or termination of the Terms and Conditions of Use shall enter into force immediately upon publication of the same on the website. Any use by these End Users of such websites after such notice will be understood as acceptance of these changes.

    The Users are obligated to periodically read the Terms of Use to acquaint themselves with any changes. If the User uses the website after changing the Terms of Use, it is assumed that he has met the changes, understands them and accepts them in full. We exclude liability for any damages caused to users, registered users, or third parties as a result of such changes.

3. Computer Equipment

    The End User is solely responsible for the procurement, use and maintenance of his/her computer equipment, including and not limited to the entire software and hardware he/she owns and uses, as well as other equipment required for accessing and using Freda's web sites and all related costs . Freda is not responsible for any damage to the End User equipment that may result from the use of these web sites.

4. End User Behavior

    These web pages, as well as any other sites, now or later contained, or otherwise accessible, through external links to the website are private ownership of Freda.

    All reciprocal interactions that occur through these websites must comply with the Terms of Use and the Users are required to perform all activities related to the use of these web pages in compliance with the applicable legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

    It is forbidden to publish, use, transmit, send, and exchange material and content that violates or endangers privacy, vulgar or otherwise in normal communication undesirable communication that endangers and / or violates the rights of others, in particular materials and content that are unlawful, false, inaccurate, misleading, insulting, offensive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, disturbing, racist or chauvinistic content, content that violates intellectual property rights, in violation of the applicable legal provisions of the Republic of Croatia, third parties, content that unauthorized discloses personal information or violates the right to the personality of third parties or other users, as well as other inappropriate content and content that may harm the company Freda and affiliated companies, other users or third parties, including, among other things, content that incites behaviour that is  criminal offense, that entails civil liability or otherwise violates any regulation and which, without explicit, prior written permission from Freda, contains advertising or any offer of any of its products and services. The End User may not use this website for advertising or performing any commercial, religious, political, or non-commercial advertising, including calling the users of these web sites to become members of another online or offline service that represents direct or indirect competition or potential competition of Freda.

    Any End User behavior that according to discretionary judgment of Freda restricts or disables any other End User on the use of the website is strictly forbidden.

5. Intellectual Property

    These web sites contain copyrighted material, trademark, design and other information covered by other rights of natural or legal persons, including, but not limited to, texts, software, photographs, video materials, graphics, music, sound, as well as the entire content of the websites, in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia. All trademarks and trade names (logos, photos, images, drawings, audio and video materials, etc.) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Freda, or are used under express permission copyright holder and trademark right holder and / or designer. Unless otherwise stated, all other trademarks appearing on the system are the intellectual property of their respective holders. Freda is the copyright holder of copyright with respect to selection, co-ordination, setting up and promotion of such content, as well as rights related to the original content.

    Any copying, distribution, transfer, publishing, reproducing, modification, revision, linking, deep linking, creating derivative works or otherwise altering these websites without written explicit approval of Freda is strictly forbidden!

    Any violation of these Terms that may result in the infringement of copyright, trademark rights, or rights that other forms of intellectual property may lead to the initiation of civil, commercial and / or criminal and / or offence persecution against the perpetrator. Copying, redistribution, redirection, release, or commercial exploitation of the downloaded material is not allowed without the explicit written approval of Freda and the copyright owner.

    The End User may download, print, and save copyrighted material only for his/her own use. Use and printing of content from the web sites are permitted solely for the purpose of informing and personal, non-commercial purposes of the User.

    The End User agrees not to post, publish, or otherwise make available any material subject to copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, without the explicit consent of the holder of such rights. The End User is solely liable for any damage that may result from copyright infringement, trademark abuse and other intellectual property rights, or any issues arising in connection with the publication of such material.

    Freda is not obligated to report to the End User or to help determine whether a particular material is subject to copyright.

    By placing the material on any publicly available part of these web sites, the End User warrants that he/she is the holder of the rights to such materials and expressly provides the company Freda with free, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive rights and use, disclosure, reproduction, reproduction , modification, adaptation, distribution of the publication, translation and / or distribution of such material (in whole or in part) throughout the world for an indefinite period of time and duration. The End User also gives other End Users the right to access, view, save or play this material for their own use.

    The terms set forth in this Chapter are equally applicable to the benefit of Freda as well as its affiliates, affiliated companies and third-party service providers and licensed companies, and each of them is entitled to enforce these terms directly and in their own name.

6. Licenses and trademarks

    Posting to or via the web sites the End User has granted Freda a free, unlimited space and time license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, customize, translate, distribute, execute, and display this communication, either or as part of a larger entity, in any form, on any medium or through any technology, either known or later developed, and sharing such rights with multiple divisions of that license.

    By using or accessing this web site, the User does not acquire, expressly or impliedly, any license or right to use trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights or other rights belonging to Freda and / or a third party. Users and registered users bear their own responsibility for respecting copyright and other intellectual property rights in respect of such content.

7. Statement of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

    The End User expressly agrees that the use of these websites is solely to the responsibility of the End User. Neither the company Carriers by Freda, its affiliates, parent companies, nor any of its employees, agents, third-party service providers, or licensed companies warrant that the use of this web site will not be terminated or will be without error; they do not warrant for (i) consequences arising from the use of this website, or for (ii) the accuracy, reliability or content of any information, services or goods provided through these web sites.

    This Statement of Liability refers to any direct or indirect damages, or possible injuries caused by any of the faulty features, error, exclusion, interruption, deletion, failure, delay in work or transmission, computer virus, interruption in communication line, theft, destruction or unauthorized access, changes or misuse of records, termination of contract, inappropriate behaviour, negligence, or any other action. The End User expressly acknowledges that Freda is not responsible for the offensive, inappropriate or unlawful behaviour of other users or third parties and that the risk of damage that may result from the aforementioned is entirely at the End User's end.

    In no event shall Freda, or any other natural or legal person involved in the creation, production or distribution of these websites, or their related content, as well as any software, be liable for any damages that may result from the use, or due to the inability to use these websites. The End User explicitly confirms that the terms of this chapter relate to the entire content of these web sites.

    In addition to the above conditions, neither the company Freda nor the information providers or content-managing partners will be liable, regardless of cause or duration, for any errors, inaccuracies or other defects, inadequacy or inadequacy of the information contained in as well as for any delay or interruption in the transfer of information to the End User for any claims or losses arising therefrom. None of the foregoing parties will be liable for any third party claims or losses, including lost profits.

    Freda is not responsible for any content that users, subscribers, or unauthorized users may place on these web sites. Any content that has been placed and which may or may not be deemed appropriate may at any time be removed by Freda.

    Freda reserves the right to change, modify, delete or remove any content it considers inappropriate. In no event shall anyone be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages to the use of this or other web site, including, without limitation, loss of profit, termination, loss of programs or other data on your data processing systems or otherwise, even when we are explicitly informed about such damages.

    Freda reserves the right at any time to terminate any passwords, or User Accounts of End User in case of any behaviour by the End User that Freda, according to its discrete judgement, considers unacceptable, as well as any disrespect of these Terms by the End User. In case of termination of the password or User Accounts, the terms will not cease to apply between the End User and Freda.

    Freda intends to use names, logos, signs, trademarks and other protected content appearing on this web site exclusively in the fields for which Freda is authorized on the basis of registration or trademark registration, under license or otherwise. In order to avoid any suspicion, the Press hereby declares that it does not intend to use names, logos, signs, trademarks and other protected content in areas that are unauthorized and will not deliver or offer products and / or services marked with such protected content in such areas. Use of such protected content on this web site, contrary to the terms of these Terms and Conditions, or their misuse is strictly prohibited.

8. Data Privacy

    Freda does not want to receive confidential or proprietary information from the User through this web site. It also undertakes to respect the complete privacy, integrity and confidentiality of all personal data relating to the User's identity, as well as its bank accounts, while respecting the most secure standards for maintaining the security and confidentiality of the data.

    By publishing comments, messages or other information on the web site, the User grants the company Freda the right to use these comments, messages or information for promotion, advertising, market research or any other legally permissible purpose. For more information, see Freda's Privacy Notice.

    Materials that are sent or accessed through the web sites are not and will not be considered confidential or secret. By providing materials through the web site, you authorize Freda and / or affiliated companies to use it unlimitedly for any purpose, including copying, transfer, publishing, broadcasting, or use in any other way, without any obligation to pay any fees.

9. Compensation for Damage

    The End User agrees to compensate, and will not consider the company Freda, its affiliated companies, employees, and agents responsible for any claims for damages and costs, including legal representation costs, arising out of the use of these websites by the End User.

10. Third Party Content

    Freda, as well as Internet service providers, is a distributor and not a publisher of content provided by third parties and End Users. Any opinions, advice, statements, services, bids, or any other information or content posted by third parties, including public information providers, or any other End Users, come from the appropriate authors or distributors, not from Freda. Neither the press, nor the third providers of information, warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any content, as well as its sales or suitability for any particular purpose.

    The information available on the web site, which represents the opinions and ratings of the appropriate provider of information, End User, or other user in non-contractual relationship with Freda, is not authorized by the company and therefore cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, or a statement posted on the website, by anyone who is not an authorized Freda employee or who does not exercise his / her official duties. Under no circumstances, Freda will be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the End User relying on the information obtained through the website. The End User is liable for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, opinions, point of view, advice or other content available through the web sites.

11. Nullity of Provisions

    In case of nullity of certain provisions of the Terms of Use, such nullity shall not affect the validity of any other provision of these Terms and the remaining parts of these Terms shall remain in effect.

12. Disclaimer

    If any party does not exercise its rights arising from these Terms, this shall not be considered as a waiver or loss of the same rights in the future as well as any other rights arising from the Terms.

13. Dispute settlement

    For all issues which are not regulated by this Agreement, the following provisions are applicable: provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (Croatian Official Gazette 41/14), the Mandatory Obligations Act (Croatian Official Gazette 35/05 and Croatian Official Gazette 41/08) and other positive regulations governing the relations to which this web site is subject.

    Any disputes arising from this Contract shall be resolved by the contracting parties by mutual agreement. All disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with the use of these web sites in connection with these Terms and Conditions are governed by the jurisdiction of the Court in Osijek, subject to the application of the Croatian Substantive Law.

14. Application of the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use apply from May 30, 2018, until revocation by Carriers by Freda j.d.o.o. for manufacturing and services.