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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Notice of Privacy Practices and Personal Data Protection

1. Introductory Provisions

    The company Carriers by Freda j.d.o.o., Tvrđavica 45, 31000 Tvrđavica (hereinafter: Freda) as Data Controller gives this Notice of Privacy Practices and Private Data Protection (hereinafter: Notice) due to the fact that Freda underlies the GDPR (EU) 2016/679 provisions from 27th April 2016 (hereinafter: General Regulation) and the Law on Implementation of General Data Protection Regulation) when it comes to personal data processing and regulations on free personal data distribution.

    During data processing the Data Controller undertakes all necessary data protection measures in order to avoid personal data breach, including applying all legal, technical and organizational data protection measures in order to protect the data from any unauthorized processing, either external (by subcontractors, suppliers, other service users or unauthorized third parties), or internal, contemplating that it will hold all requests and principles of the General Regulation. By attending and/or using the web page of the company Carriers by Freda j.d.o.o. the User confirms to have read and understood the Notice and gives his/her consent with the conditions of Privacy Policy and the way of using these web pages. If the User is not consentient with the previously mentioned, he/she is obliged to sustain from using the web site and leave or not attend and/or use web pages of Freda.

Data Protection Officer

The company Carriers by Freda j.d.o.o. appoints a Data Protection Officer to be contacted in case of any questions or complaints concerning our privacy policy or personal data usage. Name and contact information of our Data Protection Officer are as follows:

Damir Juričić

2. Data Collection

    Personal data is any information relating to an individual whose identity is known or can be identified. An individual whose identity can be identified is a person who can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular with the help of identifiers such as name, identification number, location data, network identifier or with the help of one or more factors that are physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that individual.

    We collect personal data of the User only when he or she delivers the above information. User information is collected when the form is completed and / or when subscribing to the newsletter.

    You should keep in mind that non-personal information and data can be collected automatically through our online servers or by using "cookies" which will be described in more details below in this Notice.

    Examples of information about using these web sites include: the most visited and most viewed pages and links on this web site, the number of completed forms, the time spent on the page, the most popular keywords that lead users to our site, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, information collected via cookies, device data such as hardware settings, system activity, browser type, and similar.

3. Data Processing

The information we receive about our Users is used for one or more of the following purposes:

    • To personalize User experience (collected information help us to respond better to your individual needs);

    • In order to improve Freda’s Internet sites (we are constantly trying to improve the offer of the Freda Internet site based on the feedback we receive from our visitors);

    • To establish a primary communication channel with the User;

    • Periodic email submissions may relate to receiving news updates, information about similar products, and / or services, and other similar things.

4. Protecting Your Data

    In order to protect personal information that the User sends via these web sites, we use physical, technical and organizational security measures. We are constantly upgrading and testing our security technology. We restrict access to the total personal data of the User to the group of employees who need to know this information to provide some benefits and / or services or fulfil the contractual obligation.     As a follow-up, Freda is educating its employees about the importance of confidentiality of the data and to safeguard the privacy and protection of the total personal data of Users.

5. Storage and Deadline for Storing Data

    All data is stored in the databases of official and secure Internet servers used by Freda. The stored data will not be transferred and / or stored in countries outside the European Union.

    Personal data of the User is kept and protected for the duration of the User's business or mandatory relationship with Freda. Personal data provided to us for business or contact purposes will be regularly deleted after twelve months from the date when the data was given.

6. Rights of Individuals

    In case the User wants to know if he/she owns or if his/her personal data is being processed, and / or wants to access the personal information Freda has, he or she can contact us via email address:

    Also, the User may request information about: the purpose of data processing, the categories of personal data processed; to third parties who may have received personal information from Freda; which is a source of personal data; how long the data will be kept.

    The User has the right to correct personal information held by Freda if they are incorrect. Also, the User may, with certain exceptions, request his / her personal data to be deleted and / or that their processing shall be terminated. The User may request that Freda cease to use personal data for direct marketing purposes.

    In many countries, the User has the right to file a complaint, i.e. complaint to the data protection authority if he / she is not satisfied with the way his or her personal data is being handled. If technically feasible, Freda will either send personal data or transfer them directly to the other Data Controller on request of the User.

    At any time, the user may revoke his/her consent regarding the collection, processing and use of personal data at any time and with future effect.

7. Notification of Personal Data Breach

    In case of personal data breach, Freda will inform the User and the competent supervisory body by sending an e-mail within 72 hours from the occurrence of the above mentioned circumstances, including information on the extent of the injury, the data covered, the potential impact on the services and the planned data protection measures limiting any harmful effects for the User.

A violation notice will not be sent in the following cases:

    • If there are technical and organizational protection measures (such as encryption) applied to personal data affected by personal data breaches, which make this data incomprehensive for any person not authorized to access them;

    • if Freda has taken any further actions to ensure that it is no longer likely there should be a high risk concerning the rights and freedoms of individuals;

    • If this would be a disproportionate effort (in this case, we will inform the User via means of public disclosure or similar equally effective measures).

    Personal data breach means a security breach that leads to unintentional or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data transmitted, stored and processed in connection with the provision of our services.

8. Changes in Data Confidentiality

    Freda is authorized to modify the Notice at any time by publishing the revised text of the Notice of Privacy Policy on this web site. Changing the Notice comes into force immediately after being published on the web site. Any use by Users of such web pages after such notice will be understood as acceptance of these changes.

    The User is obligated to read the Notice periodically in order to get acquainted with any changes. If the User uses the website after the Notice changes, it is assumed that he has met the changes, understands them and accepts it in full. We exclude liability for any damages caused to Users or third parties due to such changes.

9. Types of Information Collected and the Use of Information Collected

    Freda respects the privacy of any User visiting this web site and collects only basic personal information that identifies the Users of the web site and which is necessary for the fulfillment of elementary business and / or contractual obligations. Collection and storage of data is performed in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation and other positive regulations regulating the protection of personal data.

    Freda is authorized to collect information that does not identify a specific User, including the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the Website visited by the User prior to the opening of these web sites, the URL of the web site visited by the User after leaving these web sites, the browser type used by the User and the User's Internet Protocol (IP) address. Authorized service providers and advertisers can automatically collect this information when visiting this web site, using "cookies" and other tools. Freda uses such data solely for problem solving, web site administration, trend analysis, demographic data collection, compliance analysis with positive regulations, and collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

    Depending on the types of activity, some information may be defined as mandatory and some as voluntary. If the User does not provide mandatory information for a particular activity that requires them, he/she will not be allowed to engage in such activity. Freda will not collect the following personal information through its web pages: the name and surname, address, telephone number or e-mail address of the User, unless the User voluntarily registers, registers through survey, by giving his/her consent and / or if allowed by valid laws and the regulations for the protection of personal data.

10. Publishing Personal Information

    Freda will not use, process or transmit any personal identification information beyond the limits permitted by the General Regulations and other legal regulations governing the protection of personal data. Also, they will not share any identifying personal information with other parties, but may share information about the Users with affiliated companies.

    Freda is authorized to disclose information about the User for the purpose of protecting Freda and protecting others in accordance with the applicable regulations. Freda is authorized to disclose the User's identifying personal information when it is reasonable to expect that disclosure will assist in enforcing the law or is necessarily a consequence of a court order, to ensure compliance with this Notice, Terms of Use of our web site or other contracts; or protect the rights of ownership or security of these web sites, their users or other persons.

Freda will not forward or sell personal identification data to third parties.

11. User’s Choice Regarding the Collection and Use of Information

    The User may opt out receiving administrative messages via e-mail related to his/her activity on the web site, including messages related to certain User Accounts, requests or queries, and related product and service purchase messages. If there is a possibility of sending promotional messages by Freda, the User may decide whether to receive promotional messages that promote products and services, including exclusive sales and other offers, and / or products and services of affiliated companies. Freda can send promotional messages to registered Users who have chosen to receive promotional messages. If the User does not wish to receive promotional messages via electronic mail, at any time after registration, he/she can choose to cancel the option of receiving promotional messages via email. In case of making contact, the User should provide the name, surname, address, e-mail address, and which type of promotional message he or she wishes to receive.

12. Data Protection

    For the protection of personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration and from unauthorized disclosure or access Freda undertakes technical and organizational security measures.

13. Data Monitoring

    Freda uses "Cookies" only with the prior consent of the User, in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulations. While visiting Freda's web site for the first time a notice will be issued asking the User to  give his/her consent for additional “Cookies”. In case the User has given his/her consent, the "Cookie" will be placed on the User's computer, and the ad, i.e. the notice, will no longer appear while the “Cookie” is active. After the “Cookie” expires, or if the User actively deletes the “Cookie”, the ad or notification will reappear on User's next visit to Freda’s web site and the notice to resubmit will reappear.

 "Cookies" collect non-personal user information, but the User can edit browser settings to reject “Cookies”, in which case some parts of these web pages might not work properly.

"Cookies" represent a set of information that is stored on a personal computer at the time of browsing the web site. The purpose of the “Cookie” is to store information about some of your settings and behaviour on the internet.

    In addition to simple information, "Cookies" can store a large number of personal information like the name of the email address, but you must also give consent to be stored. If you have not enabled it, "Cookies" will not be able to access files and data. Although the activities of storing and sending "Cookies" are not visible to you, it is possible to delete or set automatic accepting or rejecting “Cookies” through Internet browser settings.

    Over 90% of the websites uses this method and before storing "Cookies", according to the regulations of the General Regulation, your consent must be required.

    Freda is authorized to store "Cookies" on your computer containing User information that is used to save User’s time during use of these web sites, to track and divert User interests to provide services tailored to each User.

    There are two types of "Cookies”: temporary and permanent "Cookies". Temporary "Cookies" are stored on your computer and are automatically deleted when you close your Internet browser.

    Permanent "cookies" remain stored in your web browser even when you close, but usually have an expiration date. Information is stored most frequently to facilitate access to registered users, resulting in users being able to remember or not to be re-registered. The "Cookies" of the first page come from the web page you are viewing, and by type they may be temporary or permanent. Their purpose is to store User data when they visit the site again.

    Third party "Cookies" come from other internet sites like advertising platforms and they are most commonly used for marketing purposes.

14. Data Confidentiality of Third-Party Websites

    This Notice applies only to the use and disclosure of information collected on this web site from the User. Other web sites accessed through these web sites have their confidentiality statements and data collection and ways of using and publishing them. Freda is not responsible for the ways and conditions of third party operations.

15. Juveniles

    Juveniles may participate in promotional activities solely and exclusively with the consent of their parents or guardians. Freda will not consciously collect or retain information - personal data of children under the age of 14 without insisting on obtaining parental consent, if so required by applicable law. The child's personal information will only be used or published by the child if permitted by the law, with the consent of the parent according to local laws or regulations or to protect the child.

16. Right to Complain to the Competent Authority

    At any time, the User may file a complaint to the supervisory authority regarding the collection and processing of his/her personal data by Freda. In the Republic of Croatia, a complaint can be filed at the Personal Data Protection Agency (AZOP).

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17. Application of the Notice

This Notice applies on May 30, 2018 to the revocation by Carriers by Freda j.d.o.o. for manufacturing and services.